Teruteru Kazoku Movie Poster

Teruteru Kazoku (2003)

The 69th NHK Asadora Drama, based on Rei Nakanishi's novel, is about the Iwata family living in Ikeda, Osaka City between 1950s and 1960s. The story is told through the eyes of the youngest daughter, Fuyuko. The family runs a bakery. The mother, Teruko, is a very energetic woman who is determined to make her dreams come true. Responding to Teruko's expectations, the eldest daughter becomes a figure skater and the second daughter becomes a very famous professional singer. In contrast, Fuyuko finds her joy in bread making.

Release Date: 2003-09-29
Seasons: 1
  • Country: JP
  • Language: Ja
Juri Ueno
Juri Ueno
Akiko Iwata
Satomi Ishihara
Satomi Ishiha...
Fuyuko Iwata
Takako Uehara
Takako Uehara
Natsuko Iwata
Yuko Asano
Yuko Asano
Gorô Kishitani
Gorô Kishitan...
Haruo Iwata
Ryo Nishikido
Ryo Nishikido
Kazuto Kuwahara
Shiho Fujimura
Shiho Fujimur...
Yone Iwata