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Amok (2016)

Amok is a film which was been released in 2016 direct by Vardan Tozija, what was only this year and its release language is with certain dubbings. It has been recorded, as almost all theaters in USA and got a score on IMDB which is 0.0/10 Other than a length of 100 minutes and a monetary capital of $223,490. The the actors who worked on this movie are Nikola Ristanovski. Martin Gjorgoski. Deniz Abdula. A group of problematic, abandoned teenagers from a Juvenile Adoption Centre share their destiny on the margins of the society, holding only on the teachings of their caring educator about the true values of life. But a series of tragic events that culminate with the death of one of the youngsters by the hand of a police inspector, will crush their illusions for a normal future in a world that stigmatizes them as outcasts. Incited by the awakening words of the broken educator and the emerging, ferocious leader of the pack, the boys take the path of revenge, which soon escalates into a spiral of violence and takes them deep into the catacombs of the criminal underworld.

  • Vardan Tozija

  • Vardan Tozija

  • Country: MK
  • Runtime: 100
  • Budget: $223,490