Let's Look At the Sky Sometimes Movie Poster

Let's Look At the Sky Sometimes (1990)

Hye-joo and Eun-kyung vie for 1st place in school. Tae-ho who's tormented by his parents who incessantly nag about grades has a crush on Hye-joo. The two girls begin an earnest struggle for the top score as they prepare for the final exams. But when Eun-kyung sees Hye-joo, who's been too sick to study, cheat, she becomes indignant. Hye-joo suffers from her own guilt. Tae-ho, who knows he's failed the test, sneaks into the room where the test sheets are kept. When a teacher walks in, he's so frightened, he jumps out of the classroom window. Hye-joo visits Tae-ho after she hears that he's asked for her but she gets there after he's passed away. Hye-joo and Eun-kyung, now good friends, run and tear off the grade announcement posted on campus.

  • Kim Sung-hong

  • Kang Je-gyu
  • Kim Sung-hong

Release Date: 1990-07-13
  • Country: KR
  • Language: 한국어/조선말
  • Runtime: 100